~Speak Up~



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How do you like to read?

I don’t mean on the beach, in your fuzzy, blue pajamas with the ragged hem, or on your lunch break.  Continue reading


~Magnificent Marfa~


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You never know when you’ll run across a cute little French bistro in a tiny town perched in the arid desert region of Texas framed by beautiful mountains.  The sleepy yet friendly town of Marfa serves up a great plate of food no matter where one might wander. Continue reading

~The Divorce~


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Life is full of trials and follies. There are good times too…maybe just to make the bad times more bearable.

Divorce. Such a harsh word.

Sometimes it is necessary but in one particular instance it is always a step that must be taken. Some people prefer the less harsh version of a trial separation. In the end, we all hope the final product is the same. Through the lens of divorce, our view changes. Continue reading

~Texas Battle Cry~


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Sunday, March 6, 1836

180 years ago, after a 13 day battle, the budding Republic of Texas lost the battle of the Alamo. Men from many states and countries laid down their lives fighting against Santa Anna and his army for Tejas, for Texas…an untamed place they believed in and bravely fought for. The cry “REMEMBER THE ALAMO” means so much. For it became a battle cry that those lives lost would not be in vain.


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~Green Spaces~


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The streams of sunlight break through the gnarled arthritic limbs of the oak that stands guard protecting me from what exists on the opposite side. Droplets of water pass from leaf to blade.


The view that inspired this piece. A shield of green was visible, but off to the right a sliver of busy highway and industry was evident.

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~25 Things to Know Before Dating My Celiac Daughter~


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Knowing your options when beginning a relationship with someone who has Celiac Disease is paramount. I wrote this post just over a year ago and it remains popular. The relevance of it is timeless.

Another Book on the Shelf

I have Celiac Disease. My daughter has Celiac Disease. It means we eat gluten free. Sadly, we haven’t always known our bodies could not handle gluten. Daily we were ingesting poison into our bodies that was disguised as nourishment. I won’t bore you with the whole sordid story, but suffice it to say I was sick for several years before a diagnosis was found. My daughter outwardly showed symptoms for about a month before I put the puzzle pieces together and asked the doctor to check her for Celiac. Thankfully she did not have Juvenile Rheumatoid Arthritis as the doctor had feared, but she did indeed have Celiac Disease. A month later, I was diagnosed. Looking back, there were symptoms all of her life and mine.

Wheat, rye and barley are our kryptonite, our arch nemesis. We don’t let Celiac Disease define us, however there are certain things we must…

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~Broken Promises~


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Happy New Year readers! I hope 2016 has already shown itself in a way that has assured you that wonderful memories and blessings await. Forgive me, but I’m going to recycle some material. I’m reposting a blog post from a little over a year that still remains relevant today. Enjoy 2016 and the promises it holds.

Another Book on the Shelf

Today is the day of broken promises.

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~Across the Tracks~


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The blanket of night covered the filth and seediness of the old neighborhood in the interior of the metropolis. The increased occurrence of pawn shops and liquor stores lent a specific tone. The pharmacy stood like a starlet long past its prime under a dim street light. The neon tubes bent and twisted in the long window to advertise the pub-burger joint-café. Cracks in the sidewalk long past repair resembled a treasure map which guided the way from the hidden parking lot to the non-symmetrical door, open and askew in the unseasonably warm fall night. Continue reading